Hi Leora,

I would like to wish you and your family peace and joy this Christmas and throughout the new year. At this time, I would also like to express my gratitude to you for inspiring and enlightening me. I have changed my thinking and my ways because of you.

Thank you.

Elena, Richmond Hill

December 2018

Dear Leora,

I just wanted to let you know that my family and I have really been enjoying the meal plan that you shared with us. There are so many wonderful recipes! Aside from the delicious food, what is so wonderful is that it can accommodate all of us - adults and children alike!!! Thank you so much for all your help and guidance. You are truly a beautiful person with a passion for health and wellness. I truly am singing your praises to all my family and friends. Looking forward to staying in touch, and thankful that I've made a wonderful friend in you!!!

Christina, Woodbridge

August 2018

Hi Leora, ​​

​I hope you are well. I just wanted  to give an update on how I've been since it's officially been a year since I started seeing you. I'm so happy to tell you that I no longer suffer from the chronic nausea that I did. I feel a lot better as a whole and no longer worry about feeling sick regularly. I found so many of your remedies helpful (especially eating smaller meals more often, staying away from certain foods, adding foods to my diet and taking the probiotic). I am so grateful and appreciative of what you did for me. Thank you so much!

Laura L., Thornhill

June 2018

Prior to meeting with Leora I had been struggling for many months with some physical health symptoms. It seemed like my stomach couldn’t tolerate anything, I was losing weight, nauseous, lacking energy and I didn’t know what else to do. I had seen a few different medical professionals who all recommended either over the counter or prescribed medications for my symptoms. I was fed up with how I was feeling and knew I needed to speak to someone who specialized in holistic nutrition. When I called Leora and I spoke to her for the first time by phone she was very pleasant, and seemed very confident that she would be able to help me, so we set up an appointment. Leora was extremely thorough and took her time to assess me and create an individualized nutritional plan for me. Leora has a very calm and empathetic approach. She listened to all of my concerns and made me feel very understood and that there was hope for feeling better. Her recipes are delicious and I am a lot more mindful of the way I grocery shop and eat now. She has really helped me recognize the connection between the brain and the stomach, and has also helped me work towards positive lifestyle changes for stress reduction. I can say that I have improved for the better, my symptoms are pretty much non-existent now and I would definitely recommend Leora to my dearest friends and family and anyone else who is truly looking for positive nutritional and lifestyle changes in their lives. She’s awesome! THANK YOU LEORA. 

Carissa B., Kleinburg

October 2017

Dear Leora,

I would like to thank you for generously sharing your resources and knowledge. 

I appreciate your desire to connect with us, and the valuable information you imparted. I have printed out the recipes and would like to try them ALL! Demetrie has been lovingly reminding us all to hydrate throughout this week and is eager to try out the Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. All the children were happy to have met with you and thought you were interesting.  I am inspired by your story to take on a course of training and study later in life; to help your daughter and then the larger community. This is beautiful, and I believe it comes from a beauty within you. 

With sincere thanks,

Eleni P., Richmond Hill
October 2017


Three years ago I was diagnosed with colitis during which time seeing different Doctors my symptoms remained the same. This year I went to see Leora Barak a Holistic Nutritionist. My very first appointment Leora listened, asked the right questions took notes and generally cared. My wife and I both noticed how much she cared about helping. All our appointments were the same, never rushed. Once on her eight week Health Plan I started to see results. Leora always made herself available to answer any questions along the way. Her programs are all tailored to the individual not a generic program. She continued to add different foods and monitor my progress along the way. I had my blood tests this March and the results were the best I have had in three years. I’m sleeping better, feel great and now I’m more in control. Leora is very knowledgeable and someone who really cares. I plan on keeping up on her Health Plan. I would highly recommend Leora.

Gordon T., Newmarket

March 2017

I must say, this Program (IBD Program) was one of the most difficult things I ever had to do, but the most worth it! Thank you, Leora, for caring, for educating and most of all for giving me my life back.

Ana T., Richmond Hill

February 2017

I reached out to Leora after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and realizing that being on medications for a lifetime was not the answer. After our first phone conversation I knew that she was someone I could put my trust in and together we could build a lifestyle that would keep me healthy.

Her IBD program is built specifically for the individual, it's not just a one program fits all. She spends so much time understanding your personality and lifestyle so that she can make sure you are successful in anything you need to achieve. She lets you know it won't be easy, but she is there every step of the way. Even though I fell off the wagon, she never made me feel like a failure, she picked me back up and we started again.

Ones relationship with food is always complicated and Leora completely gets it. I would recommended her to anyone who is ready to make a change for the better for their life.

Terri G., Kleinburg

February 2017

My sister brought me to Leora Barak, unsure of what to expect I was blown away by the genuine and blissful atmosphere that brought much comfort to me and my family. She made it easy to talk openly about anything and really helped with the communication and response of what the issue was. She blessed me with amazing and delicious ideas, that help balance what I was missing. She's helped me more than I can thank, and I think my whole family can agree with this. I also love following her Facebook as it gives me reminders through out the times of good eating and lifestyles :) just love all the delicious and healthy meals that are posted.

Morgan S., Thornhill

December 2016

I recently met Leora to help me get my eating habits and life in balance. After reading many biographies on various holistic nutritionists, Leora stood out to me as being a good fit and someone who would be able to find the balance I am looking for in my life.

My initial consultation was lengthy and allows Leora to understand my lifestyle--my daily routines, eating habits and health concerns. After a two week span, Leora and met again to go over the plan she had come up with for me. Not only did she tend to all of my requests, like and dislikes, she also gave many great "life" tips that are essential for growth and prosperity.

Leora is a very pleasant and well rounded individual who you can open up to and know that everything remains confidential and whatever advice she can give to you, she will.

I highly recommend Leora to anyone looking for a knowledgeable and personable nutritionist to help them.

David A., Kleinburg

November 2016

After meeting with Leora things turned around I started eating better and starting going to the gym and ended up losing 10 pounds and shortly after got pregnant which stuck this time! I said if God wanted me to have a child then he would bless me and he did. I am 35 weeks today! So happy! You gave me great guidance and advice and the education of what to eat helped. You are a truly an inspirational person even though we met once it made a difference. Your Great at what you do and how you make people feel after they leave from seeing you. I see the things you post and admire your passion, zest and positive energy for life. You seem like a great mom to your kids. Hope all is well with you and appreciate you dropping a message.

Katerina S., Kleinburg

October 2016

Having lived through years of diet regimes (including a failed low-carb) I was skeptical when my doctor recommended Leora. My first meeting was a relief- Leora was so practical and understanding. She knew how to help me tackle things in stages. My second appointment blew me away with the fully personalized and clearly set out approach. She had taken the understanding of my schedule, my likes and preferences and woven together a plan that addressed my health needs using those foods I enjoy. The proof will be in the doing. I feel set up to succeed!

Rachel G., Newmarket

September 2016

Love notes to Leora?  Yes!  (In the nicest possible way). Nutrition = well-being.  It is much more than just what you eat. Talk to her, she will make a big difference in your life.

John S., Aurora

July 2016

Doctors are not just people with medical degrees. Doctors are health professionals who take the time to listen to all your concerns and history and that work with all of that to improve the health of their patients. No words to describe how thankful I am for you Leora.  Since we saw each other I have been eating everything! Even yogurt!!! Haven't felt this good in many many years!! Thank you thank you thank you! God bless the work of your hands. Look forward to meet you again.

Rebeca P., Richmond Hill
February 2016

I cannot tell you how happy I am to have met you. I was so worried about seeing a nutritionist as I felt that one would overwhelm me with information and make me more confused than I was before. I was also concerned that a nutritionist would be an extremist and would direct me into a path that I was not ready to take. Instead, I found YOU! Your sweet, gentle and caring nature has encouraged me to listen to my body and as a result I feel empowered and am doing better than ever. Thank you so much for educating and inspiring me. This will no doubt become my way of life, now and always.

Ravdeep S., Newmarket
September 2015


You have been a great source of inspiration to me and my entire family. Thank you for calling and checking up on me. Your on-going support means the world to me.

Be well,

Shelley R., Thornhill

February 2015

Just wanted to let you know how well I am doing and to thank you. Am following the diet as much as possible, have lost some unwanted pounds (eating more than ever) and that constant bloated feeling has gone. Have also managed to control the bowel, so all in all amazing. Would like to see you week after next or whenever you think, just to go over my plan. One thing I do find hard is if I am out between meals, is there a health bar I could have as a snack? Thank you once again, you are the best and I am so lucky to have met you.

Joan D., Thornhill
June 2014


If you remember, last year when I came to see you, it was for the purpose of losing 20 lbs. I never imagined that not only would I lose 20 lbs, keep it off but I learned so much more. I have learned that more than anything my relationship with food had to change and my relationship with life had to change as well. You have been so patient with my gazillion questions and queries and my numerous emails. You always answered my questions in a kind, positive and never judgemental way. Your positivity is what kept me going...I so appreciate your help and support. Thanks so much!

Ilona Z., Maple
June 2014

In more respects than one, you have changed my life. I have been suffering from Ulcerative Colitis for the past 7 years. Ever since I started your protocol, I have never felt better. Never thought that my health is really in my hands and that I am capable of making incredible changes. Although I am still taking meds, I now understand that I can compliment the meds with proper nutrition and lifestyle changes and have excellent results. Thanks again. Wishing you my very best.  

Donna T., Aurora

May 2014

Thanks for your message and your voicemail. I have incorporated some of your suggestions for better nutrition and I'm feeling much less bloated.  After you told me about carrageenan I've been avoiding it.  I just noticed the other day that it's one of the ingredients in 10% cream - weird!  I'm also using the organic apple cider vinegar "With the Mother" occasionally.  I'm very conscious of what I eat - I'm not 'perfect' but I'm compassionate with myself and that feels great.  I'm also paying more attention to not just what I eat, but how I eat it - e.g. am I feeling rushed? what kind of mood am I in when I eat? etc. So, overall I'm doing very well these days, thanks.  I'm working on the various challenges in my life, and making sure I enjoy life in the process! 

Sara B., Toronto

May 2014

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